Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Olympics....Homer style

The youngers recently completed Homer Price as one of their studies for Beyond Five in A Row. Usually, we end a unit and have a review or a special dinner, but we didn't really *do* anything when we finished our time in Centerburg.....

However, the oldest, who finished with Beyond and FIAR some time ago, is in an ancient history cooperative class. These boys are unearthing ancient Greece right now, and decided to host a day of Olympic games for their younger siblings. After the opening procession, we were visited by several Greek athletes before the opening ceremony. We then competed in world class olympic events ( the wrestling got a little out of hand in my family :-/) that would have made Homer, Uncle Ulysses and Uncle Telemachus proud.....Say! If only we'd had some doughnuts!

Berlin and Sugarcreek

We recently took a day trip to Berlin, Ohio, just to spend some time as a family and enjoy an Indian summer day. The kids were glad to have a school free Monday, Jeff was glad to not be at work or on a flight to points unknown, and I was simply glad--- I'm becoming more grateful and thankful for simple pleasures lately.

So, here's to surprise summer days in October, sweet apple cider, and days spent enjoying family.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The learning curve...

is pretty steep when it relates to me and technology. I've been banned from my own blog for months because I couldn't remember the password, and apparently was too frustrated to follow the instructions for resetting it.

I've just recently decided that I need to do something about my caveman-technotendencies. As recently as last night, when I discovered that I had inadvertantly deleted my camera's memory card which held all of our family vacation pictures. I hadn't downloaded them. I cried.

It wouldn't have been so bad had I not deleted last years vacation photos as well. Obviously, its a problem.

But no more! Today, I recovered my password. I am learning to digitally scrapbook ( as wonderful as those paper creations are, I'll never ever get it done....I'm more craft-challenged than I am techno-challenged.....in fact, at this point, I'm wondering what I am capable of!) I am saving the photos in my hard drive to cd and I'm researching video recorders. I feel like a techno-debutante!

Hey, while I'm at it, I might go really crazy and join a blog ring!